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Our Founders Committee Represents All Facets of Long-Term Care

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Workshops To Brainstorm Workforce Solutions

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Bringing Employers & Workers Together to Solve Workforce Challenges

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Business Process Improvement

* Program Evaluation

* Demonstration Projects

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Our Job Board Is Devoted Only To Long-Term Care

Creating Workforce Solutions for

Long-Term Care

We bring employers and workers together to tackle the looming workforce crisis.

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With a projected shortage of 1 million direct care workers and tens of thousands of professionals, addressing the needs of the industry will take a monumental effort...that's why we are here.

Program Evaluation

New ideas and proposals for solving the crisis need to be soundly planned, executed, reported on and closed out. CaringWorkforce has the talent and skills to accomplish this.

Education and Training

The key piece to a healthier LTC workforce is opportunity for workers to add to their knowledge and experience. We can facilitate that.

HR Tools

CaringWorkforce is a marketplace for online, HR technology tools that will increase efficiencies for employers to manage and incentivize paraprofessional and professional workers.


Predictive Analytics

Program Evaluation

Demonstration Projects

New Care Models Need to be Evidence-Based

The Leading Job Board Devoted Only To Long-Term Care

Coming Soon: On-Demand Hiring of Credentialed Workers


Employers Collaborating To Solve The Workforce Crisis And Improve Care Standards

Membership plans are available
  • Collaboration
  • Research
  • HR Resources
  • Training, Licensing, Certifications

Mission & Values

CaringWorkforce will use proven scientific and web-based technologies to establish better management processes that lead to improved  outcomes for Long-Term Care employers, workers and the clients they serve.


CaringWorkforce is looking to recruit Founding Employer members to spearhead the planning process for meeting the nonprofit’s mission


Founding Members have the opportunity to take advantage of these benefits:

  • A seat on the Board of Directors
  • Preferred fees on program evaluation and other research projects
  • Preferred rates for employee education, training and other programs for improving the workforce
  • Preferred rates for the CaringWorkforce Annual Conference including exhibits, marketing and sponsorship opportunities
  • Preferred rates for job posts on the CredentialedCARE website


CaringWorkforce will be a key mover of actions in the public and private sector that promise to transform the industry


Our nonprofit will fill the role of advocate for employers to collaborate with provider groups for the benefit of a healthier, more efficient and vibrant Long-Term Care industry.


CaringWorkforce will conduct an annual awards program to bring awareness to the LTC agencies and facilities who show the best performance in their workforce management outcomes


To achieve our objectives, the employer community of members will assist the workforce in gaining added skills and training in order to meet the future needs of the industry